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What Is Blender Used For?

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Globally, animators use a number of different tools to create spectacular digital animations and videos. One of the most popular tools these digital artists use is the software, Blender. 

Blender is a powerful open-source 3D creation software owned by the Blender Foundation. It is used to design and produce stunning 3D graphics, animations, and visual effects for various industries. If you are looking for a professional freelancer on Guru with expertise in Blender, you can expect them to have a wide range of skills and experience in the field of 3D design and animation. 

How Blender Can Be Used

Blender contains numerous creative features that can be used in many ways. Here, we detail the most common uses for Blender.

3D Modeling

Blender allows users to create 3D models of characters, objects, and environments, which are used in different industries. This includes film, gaming, and advertising. 3D modeling is also used in industries such as manufacturing and architecture.


With its powerful animation tools, Blender enables users to create stunning 3D animations that can be used for everything from short films to commercials and music videos. 

There are also very detailed courses that teach you how to render animation in Blender.

Video Editing

To edit animation videos, you need robust software. Blender’s built-in capabilities are perfect for video editing. You can make subtle changes to animated scenery and add effects, or make bigger alterations to your content. Also, you can overlay text, audio cues, and music. If you want to continue working on your project with other software, you can export the video files and use them in another program.

Visual Effects

Blender can be used to create visual effects to add to live-action footage, making it an essential tool for the film industry.


You can use Blender to create top-notch, realistic simulations of real-world elements. This includes fluid water effects and flickering flames. This is useful when creating a digital environment where interactions and reactions are important. Blender, for example, enables precise interactions. When you apply a force to a character or object, it will act the way it normally would in the real world.

Friction and textures are two other simulation elements. People or items should glide along the surface if they are moving or skating on an icy floor, for example. Blender allows you to seamlessly integrate these features into your project. 


The final version of each scene will differ from the files you worked on in a studio. To add finishing touches to the digital scenes, you need to render your work. Rendering adds extra effects and lighting to give each section of your project a finishing touch, improving the layout and appearance. This is especially important for realistic animations or visuals. Shadows and lighting make your work appear more natural in the environment you have set.

With Blender, you can render images directly in the software without having to export your work to another application, such as a game engine. It might also be worth understanding why companies use Maya instead of Blender. This allows for your projects to integrate between platforms and programs.

Product Design

Blender can be used for product design and visualization, enabling designers to create realistic 3D models of products for use in advertising and marketing campaigns.

Is Blender Free to Use?

Blender is open-source software that has always been free to download and use. You can use the software for any purpose, including commercial and educational, without paying. That’s one of the main reasons why Blender has exploded in popularity.

The software began as a community-driven effort and thrives from the user base it has developed. Users can support Blender software, donate gifts, and contribute to its development. However, this is not a requirement.

Software Requirements for Blender 

Blender is quite simple to download. To use Blender on your laptop or personal computer, you need the following minimum specifications:

  • Sixty-four-bit quad-core computer processing unit (CPU) with SSE2 (streaming single instruction, multiple data extensions) support
  • Full high-definition display
  • Eight gigabytes random access memory (RAM)
  • Mouse or trackpad
  • Graphics card with at least two gigabytes RAM

Blender software might run on lower specifications, the speed might be too slow for you to do your work efficiently. 

In Conclusion 

Blender is a powerful tool for 3D animation and design, and hiring a freelancer with expertise in the software is a great way to create high-quality 3D graphics, animations, and visual effects for your project.

When looking for a freelancer with Blender skills, find someone with a strong portfolio of work that demonstrates their expertise with the software. This includes examples of 3D animations, models, and visual effects they created using Blender.

One of the best platforms to hire freelance Blender artists is Guru. Guru is a popular freelancing platform that connects employers with skilled professionals in various fields, including 3D design and animation. With its intuitive platform, Guru makes it easy to find and hire the right freelancer for your project, ensuring you get the high-quality work you need!

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