We Have Added a New Category on Guru

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To make it easier for Employers to find the right Freelancer online, we have introduced a new category “Education & Training” on Guru.

Some of the popular skills in Education are:

English Teaching, eLearning, College Education Planning, Mentoring, Patient Education, Continuing Education, Adult Education, Mathematics Education, Special Education, Executive Coaching, Continuing Education, SCORM, Elementary Education, Art Education, Fitness Consulting, Early Childhood Education, Adobe Captivate, Freelance Educators, and more.

Some of the popular skills in Training are:

Educational Instruction, IT Training, Instructional Design, Learning Management Systems, Curriculum Development, Training Material, Sales Training, Corporate Training, Personal Trainer, Nutrition Education, Training Videos, Communication Training, Freelance Trainers, and more.

What does this mean for you?

If you are a Freelancer with skills in the education and training category, update your Profile on Guru so that it can be found when Employers are searching for skills in this category. We will soon start promoting this category to Employers so that they post jobs and you start receiving Job Matches for them.

Here are the updates that you can make on Guru:

  1. Add/update the services you offer under education & training on your Profile. Remember to tag your skills.
  2. Add/update your portfolios to give examples of work you have already done in this category. Tag skills to your portfolios also.
  3. Update your saved searches to help you find jobs in this new category quickly.

Updating your Profile will help you increase its visibility on Guru and secure additional job opportunities that match your skills. is an online freelancing platform that helps Employers connect with Freelancers from across the globe to get work done securely, flexibly, and cost-effectively. If you are looking to hire a Freelancer with a particular skill, post your job on Guru now and get Quotes within hours. If you are a Freelancer, find freelance jobs that match your skills.

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