Removing Skill Tests from Guru

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We will be removing Skill Test scores from Profiles on January 09, 2020.

Skill Tests were introduced to indicate a Freelancers’ knowledge in a skill and help Employers make the right hiring decision. However, over time the significance of online Skill Tests has reduced.

Skill Test scores are no more an accurate indicator of a Freelancer’s capabilities in today’s rapidly evolving workforce. Employer trust in online Skill Tests is usually low and hence these scores do not influence their hiring decision. Moreover, Skill Tests are not keeping pace with rapid changes in the application of skills especially for categories like technology, design, marketing, etc. which are fast paced and continuously evolving.  For these reasons, we have decided to remove Skill Tests from our platform.  On January 9, 2020, we will be removing Skill Tests scores from the Profiles on Guru.

Employers on Guru assess the suitability of a Freelancer for their job by looking at their performance, Profile and the Quotes they send. To attract Employers and win more jobs we recommend that Freelancers showcase their skills and build a strong profile on Guru using the following solutions:

  1. Services – Services help Employers understand what Freelancers can offer. Freelancers can add as many services required to present their competencies and capabilities.
  2. Portfolios – Portfolios help Employers understand what the Freelancer can deliver as a service. Freelancers can support their services with examples of work done.
  3. All-Time Transaction Data – This data gives details of the Freelancer’s performance and work history on Guru. We share Freelancers’ All-Time Transaction Data with Employers to help them make the right hiring decision.
  4. Feedback Score – The Feedback Score on the Freelancers’ Profile indicates their performance on the jobs completed basis the feedback left. Employers factor in the Feedback Score to understand how well the Freelancer delivers their job.
  5. ID Verification – Freelancers with no transaction history on Guru can add credibility to their Profile with ID Verification. Employers can see the All-Time Transaction Data or ID Verification status to identify credible Freelancers on Guru.

For more information on our solutions, see our Agency Solutions.


  1. Anis ahmed siddique Reply

    Many thanks to guru authority that reduce any kinds of skill test. It’s totally FAQ system because this tests help another body grow up accounts build up.. It’s our great problem to prove actual learned freelancer. Allover thanks this great considerations.

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