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.Net Core Interview Questions

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The .Net framework is a web software development app created by Microsoft that mainly runs on windows. It can be used for building, running, and deploying applications that use .Net technologies like web applications.

This article will take a closer look at the skills needed for a .Net developer and some of the top .Net interview questions you can ask as an employer or business owner. We will also be looking at some of the answers you should expect to hear when hiring a .Net developer.

Regardless of whether you are new to .Net applications or highly experienced, the following questions will assist you in adequately gauging the expertise levels of any developer you are considering hiring. They include but are not limited to the following:

What Is the .Net Framework?

The .Net framework is a software development tool that uses an object-oriented approach to building applications. It can support various languages like C#, COBOL, Perl, and VB.

It also has a wide variety of tools and functionalities like APIs, classes, and libraries that can be used to deploy web services and a range of other applications.

What Are Some of the Different Components of .Net?

.Net contains several primary components, including domain common language, run-time, .Net class library, .Net framework, common type system, and profiling.

What Can You Say About CTS?

A common type system or CTS refers to a software framework that follows particular rules regarding which type of date should be declared and utilized in the program code. CTS also refers to the types of data that will be used in the application. In some cases, we can make our functions and classes follow the rules stated in the CTS. Furthermore, it helps in calling the type of data declared in a specific program language by other programming languages.

Define CLR

Common language run-time or CLR is an essential component of the .Net framework. It can be used as the building block for several applications and offers a secure execution scenario. Also, when an application is written in C#, this is then compiled, and its code is changed into an intermediate language. Once this is done, the code is targeted towards several operations such as security checks, merchant management, thread management, and assemblies.

What Is the Primary Return Types Supported in Web API?

.Net does not have any particular data type. It can return data of any sort depending on the business requirement. Several HTTP methods, such as POST, PUT, GET, etc., can return data using a range of formats based on the use case.

What Is Kestrel?

Kestrel is an event-driven, open-source, asynchronous, cross-platform server that hosts .Net applications. It is provided as a default server for .Net Core. As a result, it is compatible with all the platforms and their respective versions, which .Net does not support.

Some of the primary advantages of Kestrel also include but are not limited to; it is light and fast, can support HTTPS, it’s easy to use, and has an exemplary configuration.

What Do You Understand About .Net Core Middleware?

Middleware refers to the software, layer, or simple class via which all requests and responses must go through. It comprises several delegates within an application pipeline. Every component or delegate in the middleware pipeline works unique. It decides whether to pass a request to the next component or perform some processing before or after passing it.

What is LINQ?

LINQ is an acronym that stands for Language Integrated Query. It was introduced by Visual Studio back in 2008. It comprises a set of features capable of extending query capabilities to the .Net framework language syntax. This, in turn, allows for data manipulation, irrespective of the data source. LINQ acts as the bridge between the world of objects and data.

The other thing one should remember is that Microsoft created the .Net to provide an objective-oriented programming environment that is reliable and consistent. So far, it has proven more than capable of achieving this goal.


The questions highlighted above are intended to reveal how knowledgeable a developer is regarding .Net matters. Any viable candidate should present answers that resemble those listed in this article. They must also know how to answer them. This is the only way you will make the right decision as an employer or business owner. Such insight is essential.

Furthermore, contrary to what some may think while conducting a .Net core interview, there are certain cases whereby you will encounter various issues. For instance, some applicants may find it difficult to answer questions. This means that you will have to determine whether or not it is because they are nervous, don’t know what the correct answer is, or don’t have the words to express specific technical terms. No matter how small this may seem, it is still vital that you consider when trying to look for the right developer for your business.

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