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How to Find Comic Book Artists

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Are you a lifelong fan of comic books? Do you have some fantastic ideas for a new comic book that you’re sure will wow readers? Maybe you’ve even already written out a full script for your story–but the problem is, you aren’t a great artist. You need someone to put your dreams onto the page for all to see. 

Hiring a comic book artist can take time. While finding an individual artist is easy, finding one that shares your style can take many discussions to make sure they understand and agree with your goals. 

Ways to Find a Great Artist

Finding an artist who you want to work with and who is passionate about working with you can be challenging. Once you understand what a comic book artist is, creating a comic book that has depth and an aesthetic that fits the mood is a team effort.

A team that doesn’t get along and has difficulty understanding each other’s viewpoints is a recipe for disaster. Here are a few ways to help avoid the headache of choosing the wrong artist:

Find Existing Art or Comics in the Style You Want

The most difficult part of getting an artist to draw what you want is getting them to understand what you want. A great way to do that is to locate an existing comic or other work of art that matches the style you have in mind. Not only does this help you flesh out your story by helping to set the mood and the look, but it also helps the artist see with their own eyes what you’re imagining.

If you’re hiring a comic book artist, chances are they might already be familiar with the artist or comic you’re speaking about. Conversely, if you’re going for a unique look, try and find art that is at least somewhat similar so you can show the artist the mood you’re trying to achieve. 

Look Through the Artist’s Portfolio

While you will most likely do this before speaking with the artist, it is important to find art you like first, so that you fully understand what you want before you actually go looking for an artist. 

Now that you have an aesthetic in mind, you can begin looking through artists’ portfolios. In most cases, you won’t find a perfect match, but you can certainly find someone whose overall style matches the tone you want to convey with your comics. 

Part of what makes a quality comic book is the mood it sets and maintains throughout the pages. A well-written comic with a poorly matched visual style is going to feel off and may not resonate with readers. 

Be Descriptive When Talking to the Artist

One of the number one complaints of clients who don’t like the work an artist has produced for them is that the art didn’t come out as expected. This is usually due to miscommunications in how the client wanted it to look. 

It’s important that you are as detailed as possible when explaining to the artist what you’re looking for. Providing the artist with examples is part of this, but being able to articulately describe what you’re imagining is just as important. 

Find an Artist That You Get Along With

While having coworkers that you like working with is fun, it isn’t essential to making a project work. However, with comic books and some other forms of art, it is essential that the team has a shared goal and works well together. 

Ask any great team of artists in the entertainment industry what the secret to their success is—they’ll tell you it’s all about respecting each other’s opinions. Sometimes, this means listening to your artist when they have an idea that may be different from what you had in mind. 

Putting the Pages Together

As you can see, creating a comic book is all about a shared vision between the writer and the artist. This shared vision is far more important than what the artist charges per comic book page, so don’t exclude a great artist just because they are a bit more expensive than you initially anticipated.

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