Freelancers Can Now Earn More With Our Incentives Program

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Invite Employers to work with you on Guru, do more work on our online freelance platform and earn more. Introducing an incentives program for Freelancers on Guru. 

Guru helps you find freelance jobs that match your skills and connect with quality Employers. On Guru, you work with flexibility and security and most importantly keep more of your hard-earned money by paying the lowest job fee in the industry. To help you maximize the value that our freelancing website offers, we encourage you to invite Employers to Guru and together enjoy the benefits that our platform provides. When you invite Employers to work with you on Guru, you earn a referral incentive on all the transactions done by that Employer on the platform, including the ones with other Freelancers. The referral incentive earned is 15% of the job fee collected by Guru on those transactions. 

We also want to reward you for your performance on Guru. For Employers that you connect with on Guru, you will earn a performance incentive on all the transactions that you do with them. The performance incentive earned is 10% of the job fee collected by Guru on the transaction. You will start earning performance incentive once your all-time earnings from an Employer are more than $25,000. 

For Employers you invite to Guru, you will earn referral incentive for 8 quarters, after which you will earn a performance incentive on every transaction you do with them.

To track the incentives earned from your Employers on Guru, log on to the platform and go to the “My Employers” under the “Find Work” tab.

“My Employers” lists all Employers you have worked with on Guru. It also shows the performance and referral incentive earned from each Employer, per quarter. 

Moreover, to help you initiate the process and get the work going faster, you can now add jobs requested by Employers from the “My Employers” page.

For more information on our incentive program, visit our help center.

Note: Incentives will be awarded on transactions done after 11th Feb, 2020. 

Guru is an online freelance website that helps Freelancers and Employers to get work done securely, flexibly and cost-effectively. If you are looking at hiring a Freelancer with a particular skill, post your requirement on Guru now and get Quotes within hours. If you are Freelancer, you can find freelance jobs that match your skills on Guru.


  1. Shahzad Murad Reply

    Thank you for the Incentives Program, for the future looking forward for an award program just like they provide on other platforms.

    • Joe Wilson Reply

      Hi, You can go to “My Employers” under the “Find Work” tab to track your incentives.

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