Find Suitable Jobs and Credible Employers to Work With

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As you find freelance jobs that match your skills, it is important that you also find credible Employers to work with. We recently introduced the following validations to help you identify the credibility of the Employer posting the job and send a Quote confidently.

  • Featured job – Employers that are committed to hiring Freelancers on the platform, post Featured Jobs (paid).
  • All-Time Spends – Employers with All-Time Spends have got work done on Guru and made payments successfully on the platform.
  • ID Verification – Employers who have not yet made payments on Guru have no All-Time Spends to display. We encourage these Employers to verify their ID. Employers with verified ID have a solid green check next to their name.
  • Verified Payment Method – Employers with a verified payment method on their account have a lighter green check next to their name. It indicates that they are set to make payments.

To help you assess your suitability for a job, understand the elements of a job post and what they mean:

Job Title – It indicates the exact skill that the Employer is looking for.

Job Description – It details the job requirements, deliverables, timelines, and other information that help you evaluate if you can do the job. If you require more information you can ask questions using the Job Q&A board (only for paid members).

Skills – These indicate all the skills that the Employer expects the Freelancer to have for the job to be delivered. 

Payment Term – it indicates how the Employer prefers to make the payment. is an online freelancing platform that helps Employers and Freelancers connect and get work done securely, flexibly, and cost-effectively. If you are a Freelancer, find freelance jobs that match your skills on one of the top freelance jobs websites.

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