Featured Jobs: Get More Quotes And Attract Better Talent!

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Want your job posting to receive more quotes and attract higher quality freelancers? Feature it! Signal to freelancers that you mean business.

Why Should I Post A Featured Job?

  • Receive more quotes. The “Featured” sort option will make your job stand out in the marketplace. Featured jobs receive 50% more quotes!
  • Attract the highest quality freelancers. If you’re willing to invest in the job posting, it’s likely you’re willing to invest in the right talent. Gurus appreciate this!
  • Receive tailored proposals. The stakes are higher, and so freelancers put in more effort when applying for featured jobs.
  • How Will It Look?

    Featured job postings will appear with a bolded title and an orange “Featured” ribbon.

    What Does It Cost?

    It costs $29.95 to post a featured job.

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