Delay Auto-Pay to Prevent Needless Disputes

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Have a milestone invoice with an upcoming auto-pay date, but not quite ready for your guru to be paid? No problem.

Maybe things fell behind schedule, or you need more time to review the work. Now you can simply delay auto-pay instead of opening a dispute to stop payment. However, if your guru believes the payment is due they can lock the auto-pay date. If this happens, you’ll need to dispute the invoice to stop the payment.

Take the time you need without bringing your entire job to a halt. Delay auto-pay for 7 days at a time, starting 3 days before the invoice is to be paid.

how to delay auto-pay

Sign in to your account to see which invoices are set up for auto-pay. We also send email reminders before an invoice is paid so you’re never surprised.


  1. yes my comment is that the auto pay is a counter productive measure. the one place that is important to have control of payment is on the last payment to the employee. I have had always problems with the guru getting in a hurry at the very end of the project and more concerned with getting the final payment than completing the job with good clean detail. the guru got paid with the auto payment and never completed small detail that were left on my project. it was in the scope but once he got last payment by way of auto pay he would not come back to finish the agreed small things. you should not have auto pay for the very last payment to the guru/employee. the last payment should be only executed once the employer has given the final tasks in writing and the guru/employee has completed them then the employer can not that the guru has completed the tasks and release the funded money to the projects last payment

  2. Jacelyn Richards Reply

    Obviously Anna an insightful suggestion to prevent needless disputes by delaying the auto-pay. Thanks a lot for sharing this tips.

  3. Crystal Wright Reply

    I don’t like this Autopay thing at all. I’ve been working with guru for years and this is whack. I suppose that the guru’s are having issues getting paid by some of the employers, but I’m not that person and I don’t appreciate this blanket new system being applied to me.

    Furthermore, I don’t think that I should have to pay 5% to get you to arbitrate on my behalf. Some vendors are as scandalous as some of your employers.

    Crystal Wright

  4. Before the freelancer sends an invoice, they should ask the buyer if the work is complete. Being hit with an invoice plus a deadline plus an auto-pay threat without notice is a triple whammy out of nowhere.

  5. This does not work for the employer. If the freelancer sends an invoice and put it on locked auto pay. You cannot delay the payment.

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