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Business T-Shirt Design Ideas

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Once you get past the hectic startup months where your only focus is keeping your business afloat, you’ll probably want some t-shirts for your business. 

But, what color schemes should you choose? What kind of aesthetic are you going for? These are the kinds of questions you’ll have to answer on your journey to designing a business t-shirt that fits your brand. For some, that process sounds more like walking on hot coals, and we completely understand—that’s why we’ve made it convenient to hire freelance t-shirt designers easily on Guru.

Still, let’s take a look at what goes into the decision-making process of designing a business t-shirt and how all the puzzle pieces fit together.  

Who Is the Shirt For?

This is the first question you want to ask yourself–if you’re running a business installing home security systems and you need shirts for your employees, you’ll want to settle on a design that clearly has your business logo visible, preferably both on the front and the back. Adding social media handles and phone numbers is always a great idea. 

On the other side of the coin is designing t-shirts for customers who love your brand. For example, if your business is a popular and trendy bar or restaurant, then feel free to be creative and fun in your design and make a unique t-shirt design that will turn heads or make people laugh. The trick is to find an image or words that stick in a customer’s mind and create a positive or amusing image of your brand. 

See What’s Popular and Modify It to Suit Your Needs

A great way to get some inspiration is to visit popular areas with many different businesses, such as an ocean boardwalk that’s sure to have tons of shops and restaurants with employees decked out in custom-designed shirts and uniforms. 

You obviously don’t want to take someone else’s design, but there’s nothing wrong with seeing what’s out there already and using it for inspiration. 

Make It Easy on the Eyes

It’s probably best to keep your colors muted. Even free t-shirts that you give away to customers should be easy to look at, not loud and obnoxious. T-shirts with text color that clashes with the color of the shirt is a surefire way to find your company-branded t-shirts at the thrift store within a couple of months.

Don’t be afraid to use black or white text on a colored shirt, or colored text on a plain white or black shirt—both provide good contrast without being difficult to read or look at. 

Of course, your logo or design should also be clear and understandable, even from a distance. If the image is confusing or the point doesn’t get across easily, your brand becomes quickly forgettable.

Seek the Wisdom of a Professional

For those of us who aren’t design-oriented, creative types, hiring professional help is a fantastic way to ensure you end up with a great product. Guru makes it a breeze to browse through thousands of t-shirt design professionals to find the perfect fit for you.

On Guru, you can easily check out reviews on designers from past clients or look at their portfolios in order to find the designer that best fits the aesthetic of your brand. You might be surprised to learn that even lower-priced freelancers can be just as outstanding as those with the highest prices, and Guru has plenty of affordable designers who are incredibly experienced and professional.

On the other hand, if you don’t have the time to browse through our available design freelancers, you can post a free job listing in a snap. Just fill out our job post form regarding your needs and budget, and watch as fantastic, qualified freelancers come to you! Then, you can filter out applications based on who best suits your project. Try Guru today and see for yourself!

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