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Are Animated Logos a Good Idea?

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When you’re looking for ways to promote your brand, one of the first things you have to consider is an attractive and well-designed logo. A nice logo will grab the attention of potential clients and make a positive first impression. Because this element of your business is the foundation of your brand, you should find ways to make it more appealing and memorable.

This is where freelance logo animation services come in handy. With an animated logo, your brand will become more recognizable and unforgettable because it stands out from your competitors’ logos. So, even as you focus on other marketing strategies, you need to think about animating your logo.

One of your main concerns should be how to animate a logo in After Effects. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about animating your logos yourself if you’re not a professional animator, because you can hire highly skilled and experienced freelance logo animators from Guru.

Why You Should Animate Your Logo

As the business industry continues to advance, logo animation is undoubtedly going to shape the future of business, especially online business. Here are the main reasons why logo animation is a good idea:

Grabbing Attention

Most potential customers will review your logo first before they even look at the products or services you’ve listed. Therefore, you can improve your chances of grabbing the attention of potential clients by making your logo stand out from the rest. When you hire a creative and skilled logo animator, they’ll come up with logo animations that capture the attention of people visiting your online platforms.

Movement grabs attention more than static images. Even if you have the catchiest business name or the most engaging and relevant content on your site, an appealing animated logo is still necessary. Because logo animation is a fairly new concept, potential customers will be fascinated by your logo animations and they’ll pay more attention to it.

Telling Your Brand’s Story Better

One of the main purposes of a logo is to tell the story of your brand. Unfortunately, static logos aren’t very effective in telling complete stories, which is why you need to create movement in your logo.

Videos are very effective in telling brand stories, especially when they’re created by experienced and creative logo animators. By adding movement to your logo, you can convey a more detailed and understandable story about your brand, making it easier for potential clients to appreciate your brand better.

Evoking Emotions

Through logo animation, you can evoke various emotions in your target customers, making your brand more memorable and influential. For instance, you can create animations that’ll leave your clients feeling excited, intrigued, or surprised. This makes your logo more engaging and captivating.

Successful businesses know how to evoke the emotions of their clients. To turn prospects into loyal clients, you have to make them feel something special about your brand. A well-designed animated logo will help you to build a strong and genuine relationship with your client that’s nurtured through emotions.

Increased Brand Awareness

Although you should spend money on paid ads and marketing campaigns, you have to set aside a small budget for logo animation because it’s an effective tool for brand awareness. Because the animations make the logo more recognizable and memorable, they’ll help to promote your brand’s identity and keep people thinking about it for a long time.

With a static logo, your clients have to interact with it severally before it can stick to their minds. But with an animated logo, the recognition happens almost instantly.

More Interactions with Your Logo

Animated logos are more interactive than static logos because they allow potential clients to explore the multidimensional nature of your logo. By making your logo more interactive, you improve your chances of converting prospects and making more sales. For example, you can use your animated logo as a splash screen for your mobile application that’s activated on load.

More Cost Effective

Designing a logo is a major investment, depending on the complexities of its designs and the multilayered nature of your business. The cost goes up significantly when you’re designing a static logo because you have to create unique designs that can easily tell your brand’s story–this means that your logo designers will charge you more for the extra effort they put in to give you an effective logo.

But with an animated logo, you can use motion graphics and animations to explain your brand’s story more effectively. Furthermore, your logo animators won’t charge you more because they don’t have to spend more time figuring out effective designs.

Lastly, be sure to hire freelance logo animators from a reputable job site like Guru because they’ll complete your project remotely, thus saving you the hassle of running an expensive office!

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